Industrial Actuator :
Options with RS485 / CAN Interface, real-time feedback of multiple parameters.

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  • Currawong CAN Servo

Humanoid Robot :
First AI Deep Learning with excellent control boards for HD position controlling.

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  • RCmart NX-25Q Plus


NX-25Q Plus Humanoid Robot

Mini Servo Actuator

Standard Servo Actuator

Giant Servo Actuator

NX-25Q Plus Motion Scenario

Servo Parameters Programming

CAN Bus Devices Application

Industrial Actuator
Embedded Solution


NX-25Q Plus Greeting

NX-25Q Plus Back Flip

NX-25Q Plus Front Flip

NX-25Q Plus Split

Genius 180 Flying video

Xtreme 400 Flying video

Hurricane 550 Flying video

Tiger Shark Flying video